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Requisition Number 18-0057
Post Date 7/31/2018
Title Hospitality Freelance/Contractor
City Unity Village
State MO

Responsible to provide friendly, courteous, efficient presentation and hospitality services to guests and employees at Unity. Flexibility and commitment to the full duration of the scheduled event is required.

$100/ every 4 hour event- primarily Fri,Sat,Sun with a chance for additional hours as needed during the week.

Contractors are not employees of Unity. The selected individuals sign a contractor's agreement and will operate with Unity as an independent contractor. Contractor's are responsible for their income tax deductions and are not eligible for perks or benefits of Unity.

Functions performed as an independent contractor include but are not limited to:

• Set-up and maintain event space.
• Prep and serve food and beverages services per Banquet Event Form
• Maintain and properly care for banquet equipment, linen and décor.
• Clean and sanitize serving and dining areas per defined opening and closing procedures.
• Operate cash register, check and credit card machine. Count out change accurately.
• Follow alcohol service training. Follow maximum consumption and last call guidelines.

• Clean guest rooms including but not limited to, changing bed linens, cleaning bathrooms, dusting and vacuuming guest rooms and main areas of the hotel.
• Change and replenish towels and guest amenities.
• Stock, maintain and transport housekeeping supply cart. Handle a variety of cleaning chemicals, abiding by the safety procedures.
• Dispose of trash and recyclables.
• Respond to special guest requests in a timely, friendly and efficient manner.

• Wash pans, dishware and silverware according to sanitation standards. Follow correct temperature for washing, rinsing and pre-soaking. Clean hood vents. Filter fryer using approved equipment for safety.
• Check and clean dish machine, drain tank, reassemble the machine, refill the tank and insure dish machine ready to operate before meals/events. Operate the dish machine and pot washing equipment during, before and after meal periods. Clean dish machine and break down machine before leaving.
• Sweep and mop floors, check for broken items on the floor and wet areas that may be hazardous and remove the hazard. Handle a variety of cleaning chemicals, abiding by safety procedures.

• Support rehearsals, wedding ceremonies, receptions and other social events including funerals, birthdays and anniversary parties.
• Work closely with other Unity departments to facilitate services agreed upon by the events office including location, furniture, decorations.
• Set up and dismantle necessary equipment and clean after event.

• Support back of the kitchen preparing food items and beverage service
• Work closely with the chef and cooking staff to prepare meals for events
• Clean up work stations and store unused food as directed by sanitation guidelines

Food handler’s must have active handler’s permit from Jackson County. Bartender must have active alcohol permit service card and tips certification.

For Food Service/Bartending – tuxedo or long sleeve button down shirt, black bow tie, black pants, black slip-resistant shoes
For Lodging – work pants, Unity issued polo, OSHA-ANSI approved safety shoes
For Dishwashing – work pants, Unity issued polo, slip-resistant shoes
For Event Service – professional attire, slip-resistant flat shoes.

Indoor and outdoor event space including but not limited to conference center, hotel, banquet center, front and back kitchen area, bridge and fountain areas, rose garden venue, grass areas, paved areas.

N/A Not Applicable Activity - Not applicable to this occupation
O Occasionally Position requires this activity up to 33% of the time (02.5+ hrs/day)
F Frequently Position requires this activity up to 33% of the time (02.5-5.5+hrs/day)
C Constantly Position requires this activity more than 66% of the time (5.5+ hrs/day)

C Inside Work
O Outside Work
O Excessive Noise – music, crowds, outdoor noise
O Sitting/Workstation
C Use of Hands/Fingers
O Climb - Stairs/Ladders
F Lifting 25 Min lbs. to 40 Max lbs.
N/A Traveling
O Exposure to Hazards – cleaning chemicals, knife skills
C Read/See
F Exposure to Temperatures
C Talk/Communicate
F Standing/Walking
O Taste/Smell
F Stoop/Kneel/Crouch/Crawl
N/A Operate Equipment/Company Vehicles
O Operate Computers
O (List Equipment Type): vacuum, duster, cash register, credit card machine
O Other (explain): Cleaning Chemicals
O Personal Protective Equipment: gloves, OSHA-ANSI approved Safety Shoes

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