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Title General Manager
City Kenner
State LA

The General Manager will be responsible for ensuring that a wide range of daily functions and activities including food quality, production planning, production, purchasing, management, leadership, receiving, facility maintenance and logistics support are running effectively, efficiently and smoothly. She/he will also have responsibilities for the resource planning and time management of the kitchen and distribution operations and for ensuring the financial goals and expectations for the market operations are met.  Finally, the position carries responsibilities for administrating Revolution Foods HACCP program for the market, upholding all food and sanitation standards according to SOP’s, SSOP’s and local and federal food safety guidelines.  In addition to the managerial component to the role, the successful candidate will be someone ready, willing and able to pitch in at any level where needed to ensure the success of the operation, coupled with a true entrepreneurial spirit that is driven by the desire to create something great.


The General Manager reports to the Vice President of Operations and gets additional support and guidance from the headquarters team including the Chief Operating Officer.  Additionally the General Manager liaises with the other market area GM's to share ideas and best practices.  The General Manager is responsible for leading the Production, Buyer, Cook, Dispatch, Packing, Receiving, and Sanitation teams.  Revolution Foods is an early morning, six day a week operation and this position will usually start at 5 a.m.  During certain times of the year or to ensure quality, the General Manager is required to be present at the start of the day which is at 3 a.m. and on Sundays. The start of the school year, August – October,  is the typically the most hectic time for the operations of Revolution Foods, and will require much more involvement on the part of the General Manager during this time period.


Revolution Foods is an exciting young company with an inspiring mission, rapid growth plans, stock option participation, and no late night or holiday work hours!


Duties & Responsibilities

Food Production

  • Oversees all food production and accountable for highest quality meals going out to all school customers.
  • Ensures that fulfillment ensures that food is consistently on-time and that the temperature meets our standards.
  • Develops systems to improve operational efficiency, facilitate volume growth, and ensures the adherence to those systems internally.

Purchasing, Vendor Management and Bookkeeping

  • Oversees purchasing all food according to COGs control system, nutritional and food standards using costing tools and budgets in collaboration with the Production Manager.
  • Insures product availability to meet production plans, nutritional compliance and food standards.
  • Maintains budgeted food costs through successful management of the Production Manager and Inventory Specialist.
  • Oversees the menu process, ensuring that the planning, costing, and execution is done well and to budget.
  • Maintains daily waste log and calculates weekly costs at close of weekly inventory. Manages vendor accounts and local vendor relationships for all food and non-food purchasing (linens, truck maintenance, etc), performs basic accounting duties.
  • Works with HR & Finance Manager to ensure billing and payments for vendor accounts.
  • Acts as key liaison with local and state environmental health department, USDA and other regulatory agencies.
  • Maintains budgeted smallwares inventory and make recommendations of equipment that will improve efficiencies in the kitchen.

Resource Planning and Payroll

  • Maintains staff resource planning for A.M. and P.M. production lines as needed in collaboration with the Production Manager.
  • Develops and co-ordinates production plans as needed by the Production Manager.
  • Directly oversees all non-food production staff, including receiving, stewarding, and drivers.
  • Works with the HR & Finance Manager to ensure time records and payroll are submitted on a biweekly basis.


  • Ensures general facilities maintenance, cleanliness and readiness.
  • Creates, maintains and implements master cleaning schedule.
  • Monitors external auditors and responds to monthly facility needs.
  • Manages and monitors maintenance of equipment, including delivery vehicles, kitchen equipment, and building infrastructure as lease responsibility dictates.
  • Assists with coordination of move to new kitchen facilities.


  • Oversees management of packers and expeditors.
  • Manages Dispatch Manager and oversees smooth running of Dispatch function and achievement of transportation budget.
  • Responsible for accurate and high quality order fulfillment and product labeling for all food products. Serves as direct manager for Production Manager and Buyer.

Logistics and Emergency Backup Planning

  • Works with Vice President of Operations to create and adjust logistics and route plans for Revolution Foods delivery in the market area.
  • Manages route plans and adjusts them in a timely manner based on holidays, truck capacity, logistical issues, etc.
  • Creates and executes “backup” plans for the market detailing food and equipment specifics in case of emergency or equipment failure.

Human Resources

  • Facilitates hiring, training and recruitment process for production and logistics staff.
  • Staff development, coaching, and funding the future growth with internal promotions.
  • Manages all employee injuries through following the guidelines of the Safety Task Force while on duty utilizing accident reporting tools.

Other Responsibilities

  • Assists Production Manager with packing/production of healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks as needed.
  • Performs miscellaneous errands and delivery runs as needed.
  • Provides sales, marketing and PR support as needed.


  • Entrepreneurial spirit and drive needed to work effectively within a young and growing company.
  • Prior start up experience is highly desired.
  • The presence and personality needed to be viewed as a credible leader who works collaboratively cross functionally within organizations.
  • 7+ years experience in food service and fresh food production with a recent successful tracxk record as a high-volume ($10m or more per year), full service restaurant general manager or equivalent. 
  • Experience with or understanding and appreciation of natural foods and/or healthy eating.
  • The ability to implement and maintain operational systems.
  • Solid organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines to successful outcomes.
  • Strong knowledge of food safety, sanitation and HACCP plans.
  • Strong analytical and computer skills, with the ability to build and manage a spreadsheet for detailed project management, production schedule and logistics plans.
  • A proven track record of recruiting, hiring, training, coaching, disciplining and effectively managing a diverse, hourly and salaried workforce.
  • Demonstrated understanding of how quality of operations drives sales and service.
  • A manager who leads by example and has a successful track record of hiring, training, developing and inspiring teams.
  • Working knowledge of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are required.
  • B.A. or B.S. or equivalent education.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills coupled with the interpersonal skills needed in a fast paced, team centered environment.
  • A truly hands on individual who enjoys being part of a team environment, working well within one and is solution driven.
  • Ability to work independently, knowing what needs to be done and able to effectively make that happen.
  • Ability to partner and communicate with the Home Office to refine systems and implement best practices.
  • Approaches problems with a can do attitude and works to solve them with little disruption.
  • Solid planning skills that are required to handle immediate needs while planning for the future.
  • Analytically driven to ensure that budgets, margins and cost per labor hours are maintained to reach organizational goals.
  • The ability to multi-task in a professional, respectful manner while displaying a keen sense of attention to detail.
  • Committed to the Revolution Foods mission that all children will have access to nutritious, tasty food to support the development of healthy minds and bodies.
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