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Requisition Number 19-0004
Post Date 1/11/2019
Title Psychiatric Nurse - LPN
City Bowling Green, OH
Location Various Sites- Wood

Harbor is a full time seeking a currently competent Psychiatric Nurse - LPN with psychiatric nursing experience. Must have a non-restricted nursing license with capabilities to pass Controlled Substance Medications. Works with other members of the team in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of clients receiving medical services.   

Job Duties:

  • Nurses may work at all Harbor sites but will have a site of primary responsibility.
  • Responsibility for a site includes the following:
    • schedules and manages the physician and nurses schedules;
    • reviews treatment plans for clients receiving pharmacologic management services;
    • reviews health assessments
    • coordinating insurance forms and pre-certifications as necessary;
    • enters prescribed medication into medication module;
    • completes quarterly checks of first aid boxes, bloodborne pathogen kits and maintenance of medical equipment; amount of time necessary to manage a site will be determined by supervisor and the nurse managing the site.
  • Provides medication management of clients through:
    • medication management appointments;
    • dispensing medication samples or Central Pharmacy medications;
    • collaborating with other medical and clinical team members on an ongoing basis.
    • educating and training annual day-treatment staff for medication administration
  • Responsible for managing medication rooms, maintaining records of medication use and disposing of expired medications.
  • When necessary, assists other clinical staff with crisis intervention and pre-hospital screening.
  • Provides referral/linkage of client to appropriate medical resources.
  • Completes the required number of peer review forms.
  • Completes all necessary documentation in a timely manner.
  • Types clinical documentation in the format appropriate and acceptable to Harbor.
  • In providing billable services, fulfills or exceeds unit expectations established by Harbor.
  • Attends meetings as required and serves on committees as requested.
  • Provides back up at other sites as needed and requested by supervisor.
  • Maintains certification to do crisis intervention and pre-hospital screening.
  • Associate's degree or a diploma graduate of an accredited school of Nursing with a current LPN license in Ohio required.
  • Two years experience working in psychiatric nursing preferred.
  • Must be proficient and accurate in computer use, including Microsoft Word.
  • Knowledge of Trauma Informed Care principles preferred.
  • Knowledge of skills to work with youth/adults affected by trauma preferred.
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